1 Marinated olives

2 Chips potatoes

3 Anchovies in vinegar

4 Gilda

5 Anchovies

6 Cockles

7 Razor shells

8 Shoulder of iberian ham

9 Selection of cheeses

10 Smoked “Bravas” with alioli mousse

11 Roast chicken croquettes

12 “Bombs” of La Barceloneta

13 Cod fritters with quince alioli

14 Russian “ensaladilla” Canalla

15 Andalusian style squid rings

16 Crusty king prawns with green rice and kimchi sauce

17 Grilled sardines with garlic, parsley and curry

18 Rice with prawns and mussels

19 Black rice with pork rib, squid and artichokes

20 Fideuà sea and mountain with pork rib, squid and mussels

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21 Gazpacho eith boiled egg and bread toasts

22 Carpaccio of eggplant with goat cheese, honey and pine nuts au gratin

23 Green salad with goat cheese, honey and nuts

24 Burrata salad with rocket

25 Poke salad with fresh tuna, avocado, tomato, onion and teriyaki


26 Tagliatelle with huancaina sauce, fried squids and egg at low temperature

27 Sea bass thai ceviche, rice noodles and tiger milk

28 Grilled squid with peas, ham strips, fried artichokes and saffron alioli

29 Cod with fresh spinachs, catalan “sofregit” and soft garlic mousseline

30 Grilled hake with pak choi and shitake sautéed

31 Tuna tataki with teriyaki sauce, kimchi and tempura avocado


32 “Moules frites”, grilled mussels with garlic and parsley, and potatoes à la francaise

33 Grilled prawns


34 Bejing style chicken with hoisin sauce of forest fruits

35 100% veal “Canalla” burguer with avocado, cheese, lettuce, tomato, german cucumbre and onion

36 Veal rib cooked at low temperature with barbecue sauce and french fries

37 “Chuletón del Norte”

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