Presentation of the last book of Jaume Alonso-Cuevillas

After the presentation of the book ‘Effiency and transparency of the Spanish judicial system in the European context: comparative analysis and proposals of improvement’., by the professor Jaume Alonso-Cuevillas Sayrol in the Bar of Lawyers of Barcelona, a group of fifty professionals of the juridical world have celebrated the event with a dinner in les Golfes of the Caballa Canalla in the Barceloneta. A big atmosphere and music by the famous DJ Álex Zaragüeta.

This whole July, Nits Musicals

Every Friday, we´ll have D-JAZ from 22:00 all along the brilliant tapas dinner designed by our chef, and every Saturday we will have the great Peret Reyes (a legend of Catalan Rumba) performing his most famous rumbas, while you tast desserts, cocktail and coffee. Barceloneta is very fresh!!! (only during this month of July)

Nits Musicals Opening

This week we are going to start with our Music Nights of Caballa Canalla, with live performances on June Thursday 18th, Friday 19th and Saturday 20th. On Thursday and Saturday, as from 20h45, there will be music with D-JAZ, to enjoy our chef tapas dinner. And on Friday, enjoy and dance with the legend of Catalan Rumba, Peret Reyes, while tasting the dessert, the coffee and the cocktail!


Caballa Canalla’s fantastic lunch formula at Mercat (market hall) de la Barceloneta, for just 15.50€. Too good to be true? Well it is!

Viu la final de Champions al Caballa Canalla!

Ja està aquí la gran cita del futbol i el Barça n’és el gran protagonista. Apropa’t al Caballa Canalla i gaudeix del gran espectacle!

Reserva ja una taula per aquest dissabte i assegura’t un bon lloc per fruir de 90 minuts intensos (o més, mai se sap) mentre assaboreixes les nostres tapes boníssimes o els nostres còctels en un ambient molt agradable. Vine a donar suport al Barça junt al nostre equip culer capitanejat per l’Isabel Galobardes, exdirectiva del Club.

T’esperem! Força Barça!